Anónimos irremediables en el "Cancioneiro da Ajuda": Sennor fremosa, pois me vej’aqui (A277)

Fabio Barberini


Critical Edition and commentary of cantiga A277, Sennor fremosa, pois me vej’aqui. The poem is preserved without attribution only in the Cancioneiro da Ajuda and the comparison with the most complete Galician-Portuguese manuscripts of Colocci (B and V) does not allow identification of the author with certainty. Although António Resende de Oliveira has proposed attributing A277 to Afons’Eanes do Coton, the results of the stylistic analysis carried out in the second part of this paper do not confirm the hypothesis of the Portuguese scholar.

Palabras clave

Anonymous cantigas; Alfonso Eanes do Coton