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Vol 8, No 4 12-hour ultra-marathons: Increasing worldwide participation and dominance of Europeans Abstract   PDF (979,25 KB)
Edis Sehovic, Beat Knechtle, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Thomas Rosemann
Vol 6, No 1 13th FINA world championships: analysis of swimsuits used by elite male swimmers Abstract   PDF (255,19 KB)
Henrique P. Neiva, João Paulo Vilas-Boas, Tiago M. Barbosa, António J. Silva, Daniel A Marinho
Vol 13, No 1 A comparison of base running start techniques in collegiate fastpitch softball athletes Abstract   PDF (271,47 kB)
Kelly P. Massey, Kelly Miller Brouillette, Mike Martino
Vol 8, No 3 A comparison of the effect of two different judging systems on the technique selection of Muay Thai competitors Abstract   PDF (1,45 MB)
Tony Myers, Alan Nevill, Yahya Al-Nakeeb
Vol 13, No 1 A comprehensive measure of participation motivation: Examining and validating the Physical Activity and Leisure Motivation Scale (PALMS) Abstract   PDF (260,88 kB)
Dev Roychowdhury
Vol 9, No 3 A Deleuzo-Guattarian ‘schizoanalysis’ of the Smart Moves: Physical Activity Program in Queensland State Schools Abstract   PDF (243,28 KB)
Jorge D Knijnik, Peter Horton, Brad Clarke
Vol 9, No 3 A longitudinal study of kinematic stride characteristics in maximal sprint running Abstract   PDF (604,32 KB)
Klaus Mattes, Nina Schaffert, Nele Habermann, Thomas Mühlbach
Vol 11, No 3 A marker set for measuring the kinematics of the lumbar spine and thoracic spine during running: A technical note Abstract   PDF (350,03 kB)
Stephen John Preece, Christopher Bramah, Duncan Mason
Vol 5, No 3 A model for active drag force exogenous variables in young swimmers Abstract   PDF (586,47 KB)
Tiago M Barbosa, Mário J Costa, Mário C Marques, António J Silva, Daniel A Marinho
Vol 7, No 2 A new approach for the determination of anaerobic threshold: Methodological survey on the modified Dmax method Abstract   PDF (278,01 KB)
Marefat Siahkouhian, Shabnam Azizan, Babak Nakhostin Roohi
Vol 5, No 2 A new measuring and on water coaching device for rowing Abstract   PDF (694,36 KB)
Klaus Mattes, Nina Schaffert
Vol 5, No 3 A non-competitive martial arts exercise program for health and fitness in the general population Abstract   PDF (257,66 KB)
Ming-Chien Chyu
Vol 6, No 1 A prediction equation for the estimation of vital capacity in Nepalese young females Abstract   PDF (197,19 KB)
Pinaki Chatterjee, Alok K. Banerjee, Paulomi Das
Vol 5, No 2 A regression equation for the estimation of VO2 MAX in Nepalese male adults Abstract   PDF (221,15 KB)
Pinaki Chatterjee, Alok K Banerjee, Paulomi Das, Parimal Debnath
Vol 4, No 2 A review of blocking in volleyball: From the notational analysis to biomechanics Abstract   PDF (231,64 kB)
Roberto Lobietti
Vol 6, No 1 A stakeholder assessment of basketball player evaluation metrics Abstract   PDF (363,41 KB)
Jose Antonio Martinez, Laura Martínez
Vol 2, No 1 A study about the drop out in organized youth sports competition Abstract   PDF (89,38 kB)
José Antonio Pérez Turpin, Concepción Suárez Llorca
Vol 6, No 2 A study of anthropometric profile of indian inter-university male cricketers Abstract   PDF (279,94 KB)
Shyamal Koley
Vol 9, No 2 A systemic overview of football game: The principles behind the game Abstract   PDF (182,93 KB)
Filipe Manuel Clemente, Fernando Manuel Lourenço Martins, Rui Sousa Mendes, António José Figueiredo
Vol 12, No 1 Active lifestyle promotion with home-based exercise in breast cancer survivors Abstract   PDF (210,61 kB)
Gabriele Mascherini, Chiara Giannelli, Giulia Ghelarducci, Sonia Degl'Innocenti, Cristian Petri, Giorgio Galanti
Vol 7, No 4 Acute and 48 h effect of kinesiotaping on the handgrip strength among university students Abstract   PDF (288,4 KB)
Rafael Merino, Daniel Mayorga, Emilio Fernandez
Vol 12, No 3 Acute effect of acrobatic jumps on different elastic platforms in the muscle response evaluated through tensiomyography Abstract   PDF (497,76 kB)
Nicolás A. Rojas-Barrionuevo, Mercedes Vernetta-Santana, Myriam Alvariñas-Villaverde, Jesús López-Bedoya
Vol 5, No 3 Adapted physical education in the Hungarian educational system: a conceptual framework Abstract   PDF (200,86 KB)
István Simon, Balázs Fügedi, József Bognár
Vol 9, No 1 Adolescents’ physical activity profile according to parental physical activity participation Abstract   PDF (170,74 KB)
Adilson Marques, João Martins, Hugo Sarmento, José Deniz, Francisco Carreiro da Costa
Vol 5, No 2 Aerobic energy expenditure and intensity prediction during a specific circuit weight training: A pilot study Abstract   PDF (429,42 KB)
Pedro José Benito Peinado, María Álvarez Sánchez, Víctor Díaz Molina, Ana Belén Peinado Lozano, Francisco Javier Calderón Montero
Vol 6, No 4 Age and gender differences in Body Mass Index, ocular, and back disorders in 8-12-year old children Abstract   PDF (285,19 KB)
Felix Zurita, Mar Cepero González, Luis Ruiz Rodríguez, Daniel Linares Girela, Javier Cachón Zagalaz, Félix Zurita Molina
Vol 11, No 1 Age of peak performance in Olympic sports: A comparative research among disciplines Abstract   PDF (1,62 MB)
Aldo F Longo, Carlos R Siffredi, Marcelo L Cardey, Gustavo D Aquilino, Néstor A Lentini
Vol 8, No 4 Age of peak swim speed and sex difference in performance in medley and freestyle swimming: A comparison between 200 m and 400 m in Swiss elite swimmers Abstract   PDF (284,05 KB)
Martin Vaso, Beat Knechtle, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Thomas Rosemann, Romuald Lepers
Vol 11, No 4 Air ventilation effects during stationary roller bicycle test Abstract
João Brito, Aldo Costa, Pedro Bento, Luis Crisóstomo, Vitor Reis, Ana Conceição, Hugo Louro
Vol 12, No 2 Allometric scaling of body mass in running economy data: An important consideration in modeling marathon performance Abstract   PDF (549,98 kB)
Christopher John Lundstrom, George R Biltz, Eric M Snyder, Stacy Jean Ingraham
Vol 11, No 2 Alterations in body composition, functional performance and capillary glucose during explosive strength training in older adults Abstract
Jhon F Ramírez, Henry H. León, Celia M Sepúlveda, Alveiro Sánchez J, Andrea Porras
Vol 2, No 2 An analysis of performance factors in sprint distance triathlon Abstract   PDF (183,49 kB)
Roberto Cejuela Anta, José Antonio Pérez Turpin, José Gerardo Villa Vicente, Juan Manuel Cortell Tormo, José Antonio Rodríguez Marroyo
Vol 5, No 3 An approach to the biological, historical and psychological repercussions of gender verification in top level competitions Abstract   PDF (228,95 KB)
María José Martínez-Patiño, Covadonga Mateos-Padorno, Aurora Martínez-Vidal, Ana María Sánchez Mosquera, José Luis García Soidán, María del Pino Díaz Pereira, Carlos Francisco Touriño-González
Vol 5, No 2 An approach to the historical development of female athletics in the Olympic Games Abstract   PDF (206,72 KB)
Covadonga Mateos, Antonio González-Molina, Ana María Sánchez-Mosquera, Aurora Martínez-Vidal, María José Martínez-Patiño
Vol 11, No 1 An evaluation of the "white card" as a resource for promoting an educational sports competition Abstract   PDF (199,6 KB)
Gema Ortega Vila, Jorge Franco Martín, Javier Giménez Fuentes-Guerra, Javier Durán González, Concepción Jiménez Sánchez, Pedro Jesús Jiménez Martín, John Lambert
Vol 6, No 2 An investigation of online acoustic information for elite rowers in on-water training conditions Abstract   PDF (531,99 KB)
Nina Schaffert, Klaus Mattes, Alfred O. Effenberg
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Analysing soccer using perturbation attempts Abstract   PDF (222,33 KB)
Nic James, Gethin D Rees, Elliot Griffin, Phil Barter, Joe Taylor, Luke Heath, Goran Vučković
Vol 4, No 3 Analysis of beach volleyball action sequences of female top athletes Abstract   PDF (307,59 KB)
Christina Koch, Markus Tilp
Vol 8, No 2 Analysis of goals scored in European Championship 2012 Abstract   PDF (348,02 KB)
Yiannis Michailidis, Charalampos Michailidis, Eleni Primpa
Vol 6, No 2 Analysis of modern sports marketing of post-Olympic era Abstract   PDF (169,7 KB)
Hui Wang
Vol 10, No 2 Analysis of physical and physiological requirements in soccer trainings in young soccer players (under -10 years) Abstract   PDF (623,42 KB)
Norberto Pascual Verdú, Jesús A. Orbea Palacios, José A. Martínez Carbonell, Marcelo A Jove Tossi
Vol 12, No 2 Analysis of relationships between the use of visual display terminals, craniocervical angle and physical activity: A pilot study Abstract   PDF (208,65 kB)
Tania García-Remeseiro, Águeda Gutiérrez-Sánchez
Vol 8, No 2 Analysis of teaching personal and social responsibility model-based programmes applied in USA and Spain Abstract   PDF (211,85 KB)
Pablo Caballero Blanco, Miguel-Angel Delgado-Noguera, Amparo Escartí-Carbonell
Vol 10, No 1 Analysis of the characteristics of Federated Carpfishing Anglers in Spain Abstract   PDF (217,72 KB)
Javier Cachón, Pedro Valdivia-Moral, Ana Ortiz Ortiz, Clemente Pozuelo, Fátima Chacón-Borrego
Vol 10, No 1 Analysis of the offensive teamwork intensity in elite female basketball Abstract   PDF (113,37 KB)
Boris Bazanov, Inderek Rannama
Vol 13, No 1 Analysis of time-out use in female water polo Abstract   PDF (209,66 kB)
Encarnación Ruiz-Lara, Pablo José Borges-Hernández, Roberto Ruiz-Barquín, Francisco Manuel Argudo Iturriaga
Vol 12, No 3 Analysis of trunk and lower extremity electromyographic activity in horizontal whole-body vibration Abstract   PDF (233,19 kB)
SunHae Song, GyuRi Kim, SeungHee Ha, SunHye Jung, GyuChang Lee
Vol 6, No 2 Anthropometric and physical fitness traits of four-time World Greco-Roman wrestling champion in relation to national norms: A case study Abstract   PDF (294,47 KB)
Bahman Mirzaei, David G. Curby, Ioannis Barbas, Navid Lotfi
Vol 5, No 3 Anthropometric and physiological characteristics on Indian inter-university volleyball players Abstract   PDF (563,84 KB)
Shyamal Koley, Jarnail Singh, Jaspal Singh Sandhu
Vol 12, No 3 Anthropometric characteristics of young Italian tennis players Abstract   PDF (200,12 kB)
Ausilia Elce, Giuseppe Cardillo, Mauro Ventriglia, Caterina Giordano, Francesca Amirante, Giuliana Mazza, Armando Sangiorgio, Lucia Martiniello
Vol 4, No 2 Anthropometric comparison between young estonian and chinese swimmers Abstract   PDF (136,24 kB)
Antonio Cicchella, L Jidong, Toivo Jürimäe, M Zini, C Passariello, L Rizzo, C Stefanelli
Vol 5, No 2 Anthropometry and motor fitness in children aged 6-12 years Abstract   PDF (280,37 KB)
Chiara Milanese, Oscar Bortolami, Matteo Bertucco, Giuseppe Verlato, Carlo Zancanaro
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Application of altitude/hypoxic training by elite athletes Abstract   PDF (351,81 KB)
Randall L. Wilber
Vol 3, No 1 Application of the 1RM estimation formulas from the RM in bench press in a group of physically active middle-aged women Abstract   PDF (125,98 kB)
Alfonso Jiménez Gutiérrez, José A. De Paz
Vol 6, No 4 Application of the discussion groups and initial phases of the qfd methodology to the study of valencian ball trinquetes Abstract   PDF (394,81 KB)
Ana M. Montaner, Carlos Montaner, Pedro Pérez-Soriano, Vicente Carrasco-Embuena, Salvador Llana-Belloch
Vol 8, No 2 Applied periodization: A methodological approach Abstract   PDF (452,29 KB)
Fernando Nacleiro, Jeremy Moody, Mark Chapman
Vol 2, No 2 Assessing physical ability and its relationship with health Abstract   PDF (133,71 kB)
Alfonso Jiménez Gutiérrez
Vol 4, No 2 Assessing strength and power in resistance training Abstract   PDF (197,8 kB)
Fernando Naclerio Ayllón, Alfonso Jiménez, Brent A. Alvar, Mark D. Peterson
Vol 13, No 1 Assessment of health-related fitness by the ALPHA-fitness test battery in girls and adolescents who practise rhythmic gymnastics Abstract   PDF (338,6 kB)
Isabel Montosa, Mercedes Vernetta, Jesús López-Bedoya
Vol 12, No 4 Assessment of kinematic characteristics of preschoolers’ gait during the implementation of an intervention training program Abstract   PDF (609,47 kB)
Georgia Axeti, Ioannis Gissis, Ioannis Vrabas, Georgios Grouios, Georgios Komsis, Stergios Komsis
Vol 7, No 1 Assessment of the level of muscular strength and volume in physically active English adults Abstract   PDF (379,8 KB)
Marta Leyton Román, Vicente Luis Del Campo, Jesús Morenas Martín, Alba Roldán Romero
Vol 13, No 1 Assessment of the sagittal spinal curvatures in dancers of Spanish dance Abstract   PDF (194,24 kB)
Estefanía Castillo, Rocío Obregón
Vol 10, No 1 Association between playing tactics and creating scoring opportunities in elite football: A case study in Spanish Football National Team Abstract   PDF (433,5 KB)
Joaquín Gonzalez-Rodenas, Ignacio Lopez-Bondia, Ferran Calabuig, Nic James, Rafael Aranda
Vol 9, No 1 Athlete burnout and motivational dynamics: A multiple case follow-up study among elite BMX riders Abstract   PDF (317,49 KB)
Sandrine Isoard-Gautheur, Emma Guillet-Descas
Vol 11, No 1 Athletic body stereotypes in the academic training of students in the Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Abstract   PDF (456,86 KB)
Carmen Rodriguez Fernandez, Jonathan Ospina Betancurt, Joaquin Piedra de la Cuadra
Vol 12, No 1 Attentional focus strategies used by regular exercisers and their relationship with perceived exertion, enjoyment, and satisfaction Abstract   PDF (331,74 kB)
Miriam Emad, David L Neumann, Lisa Abel
Vol 7, No 3 Balance training programs for soccer injuries prevention Abstract   PDF (289 KB)
Asimenia F Gioftsidou, Paraskevi Malliou, George Pafis, Anastasia Beneka, Kyriakos Tsapralis, Polina Sofokleous, Olga Kouli, Stella Rokka, George Godolias
Vol 12, No 1 Before the Rio Games: A retrospective evaluation of the effects of the population size, GDP and national temperature on winning medals at the 2012 London Olympic Games Abstract   PDF (241,64 kB)
István Soós, José Carlos Flores Martínez, Attila Szabo
Vol 4, No 2 Beneficial effects of the whole-body cryotherapy on sport haemolysis Abstract   PDF (87,51 kB)
Giuseppe Banfi, Gianluca Melegati, Alessandra Barassi, Gianvico Melzi d'Eril
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Biological passport parameters Abstract   PDF (857,01 KB)
Mario Zorzoli
Vol 5, No 1 Biomechanical analysis of the 10km-run in a triathlon world cup event: Differences presented by women gold medal Abstract   PDF (260,04 KB)
Antonio Cala, Roberto Cejuela Anta, Enrique Navarro
Vol 12, No 4 Biomechanical and bioenergetical evaluation of swimmers using fully-tethered swimming: A qualitative review Abstract   PDF (265,02 kB)
Nuno M. Amaro, Pedro G. Morouço, Mário C. Marques, Ricardo J. Fernandes, Daniel A. Marinho
Vol 4, No 2 Biomechanical factors to be taken into account to prevent injuries and improve sporting performance on artificial turf Abstract   PDF (201,07 kB)
Pedro Pérez Soriano, Salvador Llana-Belloch, Juan Manuel Cortell-Tormo, José Antonio Pérez-Turpin
Vol 10, No 1 Biomechanics of the taekwondo axe kick: A review Abstract   PDF (3,30 MB)
Damodhara Mailapalli, John Benton, Thomas W Woodward
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Bodily communication skills and its incidence on female volleyball championship to enhance didactics Abstract   PDF (466,82 KB)
Gaetano Raiola, Pio Alfredo Di Tore
Vol 5, No 2 Body composition and fitness in elite Spanish children tennis players Abstract   PDF (265,22 KB)
Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno, Germán Vicente-Rodríguez, José María González Ravé, Luis Antonio Moreno, Juan Pablo Rey-López
Vol 6, No 1 Body culture within the EU’s competence system Abstract   PDF (169,91 KB)
Pál Hamar, Zsuzsanna Szilva, István Soós, Henriette Dancs
Vol 10, No 4 Body mass changes and ad libitum fluid replacement in elite futsal players during official competition Abstract   PDF (222,25 KB)
José Vicente García Jimenez, Juan Luis Yuste, Juan José García Pellicer, Marta Hellín Martínez
Vol 5, No 2 Brazilian soccer players and no-players adolescents: Effect of the maturity status on the physical capacity components performance Abstract   PDF (246,85 KB)
Thiago Pittoli, Fabio Barbieri, José Pauli, Lilian Gobbi, Eduardo Kokubun
Vol 6, No 1 Brazilian women in the sports press: a case study Abstract   PDF (222,2 KB)
Jorge D Knijnik, Juliana Sturmer Soares de Souza
Vol 12, No 3 Breath-hold diving performance factors Abstract   PDF (393,55 kB)
Francisco de Asís Fernández, José María González-Ravé, Daniel Juárez
Vol 7, No 1 Building pre-service teachers’ identity: the value of dialogue within the classroom Abstract   PDF (318,62 KB)
Vicente Carrasco-Embuena, Maria José Hernández-Amorós
Vol 8, No 4 Can the judo training improve the muscle-skeletal acting in older women with low bone mineral density? Abstract   PDF (1,90 MB)
Cláudio Joaquim Borba-Pinheiro, Nébia Maria Almeida de Figueiredo, Mauro César Gurgel de Alencar Carvalho, Alexandre Janotta Drigo, Estélio Henrique Martin Dantas
Vol 12, No 4 Carbohydrates plus protein reduces oxidative stress after single bout of aerobic exercise Abstract   PDF (399,17 kB)
Daniel dos Santos Ferreira, Lydiane Tavares Toscano, Liliana Leal Lopes Rocha, Gilberto Santos Cerqueira, Ana Carla Lima de França, Marcos Antônio Pereira dos Santos, Alexandre Sérgio Silva
Vol 4, No 1 Changes in critical velocity and critical stroke rate during a 12 week swimming training period: A case study Abstract   PDF (76,2 kB)
Daniel A. Marinho, António J. Silva, Victor M. Reis, Aldo M. Costa, João P. Brito, Ricardo Ferraz, Mario C. Marques
Vol 12, No 4 Changes in throwing sports rules: Implications about the performance of Paralympic athletes Abstract   PDF (300,31 kB)
Gilberto Martins Freire, Milena Pedro Moraes, Danilo Sales Bocalini, Graciele Massoli Rodrigues
Vol 12, No 1 Changes in training load, running performance, lower body power and biochemical characteristics of back players throughout a professional Rugby Union season Abstract   PDF (359,68 kB)
Romain Dubois, Thierry Paillard, David McGrath, Karim Chamari, Olivier Maurelli, Stephane Polly, Jacques Prioux
Vol 6, No 1 Changes in weight indexes and aerobic fitness of physical education students over three years of college Abstract   PDF (204,51 KB)
Yoav Meckel, Yair Galily, Dan Nemet, Alon Eliakim
Vol 5, No 1 Characteristics of chosen parameters of external and internal loads in eastern European high level field hockey players Abstract   PDF (509,42 KB)
Jan Konarski
Vol 10, No 4 Characterization and reproducibility of canoe slalom simulated races: Physiological, technical and performance analysis Abstract   PDF (3,93 MB)
Nathália Arnosti Vieira, Leonardo Henrique Dalcheco Messias, Marcelo Vollet Cardoso, Homero Gustavo Ferrari, Sérgio Augusto Cunha, Denis Roberto Terezani, Fúlvia Barros Manchado-Gobatto
Vol 13, No 1 Characterization of motivation and type of physical-sport practice in adults through COMPASS profiles Abstract   PDF (315,12 kB)
Ramón Chacón Cuberos, Fátima Chacón Borrego, Félix Zurita Ortega, Javier Cachón Zagalaz, María Luisa Zagalaz Sánchez, Juan José Chinchilla Mira
Vol 12, No 4 Comparative study on pre-competition mood in Canadian and Spanish university students Abstract   PDF (399,2 kB)
Iago Portela-Pino, Águeda Gutierrez-Sánchez, Diego Alonso-Fernández, Olaia Abadía-García de Vicuña
Vol 12, No 4 Comparison of breast motion at different levels of support during physical activity Abstract   PDF (491,65 kB)
Lin-Hwa Wang, Li-Chieh Kuo, Fong-Chin Su
Vol 13, No 1 Comparison of different flexibility training methods and specific warm-up on repetition maximum volume in lower limb exercises with female jazz dancers Abstract   PDF (248,05 kB)
Daniel Tinoco Novaes dos Santos, Lívia Torres Mendes, Maria de Fátima das Neves Alves, Amanda Caldas da Costa Bonela, Gabriel Andrade Paz, Jurandir Baptista da Silva, Juliana Brandão Pinto de Castro, Camila Aparecida de Souza Batista, Haroldo Gualter Sant'Ana, Vicente Pinheiro Lima, Humberto Lameira Miranda
Vol 8, No 3 Comparison of ground reaction force during different angle of squatting Abstract   PDF (557,49 KB)
Sharikh Dali, Maria Justine, Hamid Ahmad, Zainal Othman
Vol 10, No 1 Comparison of maximum lactate between Course Navette Test and Hoff Test in soccer players at 2600 meters above sea level Abstract   PDF (322,13 KB)
Henry Humberto León, Jhon Fredy Ramírez, Alveiro Sánchez, Jeison Daniel Salazar, Leonardo Orjuela, Sonia Viviana Anzola
Vol 13, No 1 Compensatory changes in female running mechanics during a simulated 10 km race Abstract   PDF (396,41 kB)
Desi P. Fuhr, Loren Z. F. Chiu, Michael D. Kennedy
Vol 12, No 2 Constituent year effect in international handball at high level Abstract   PDF (275,76 kB)
Óscar Gutiérrez Aguilar, Miguel Saavedra García, Juan J. Fernández Romero
Vol 7, No 3 Correlations of anthropometric characteristics with physical fitness tests in Indian professional hockey players Abstract   PDF (200,03 KB)
Archna Sharma, Varishtha Tripathi, Shyamal Koley
Vol 9, No 1 Criterion-related validity of toe-touch test for estimating hamstring extensibility: A meta-analysis Abstract   PDF (359,82 KB)
Daniel Mayorga-Vega, Jesús Viciana, Armando Cocca, Rafael Merino-Marban
Vol 10, No 2 Cross-sectional analysis of rowing power and technique of German Junior Women in the Eight Abstract   PDF ( 399,97 KB)
Klaus Mattes, Nina Schaffert, Stefanie Manzer, Wolfgang Boehmert
Vol 7, No 3 Cryotherapy post-training reduces muscle damage markers in jiu-jitsu fighters Abstract   PDF (359,1 KB)
Wagner Oliveira Costa Santos, Ciro José Brito, Elson Andrade Pinho Júnior, Charles Nardelli Valido, Edmar Lacerda Mendes, Marco Antonio Prado Nunes, Emerson Franchini
Vol 12, No 1 Cycling specific postural stability during incremental exercise: The relationship with cyclists Functional Movement Screen score Abstract   PDF (497,15 kB)
Indrek Rannama, Kirsti Pedak, Boriss Bazanov, Kristjan Port
Vol 8, No 3 Dance aerobic instructors’ injuries in relation to external risk factors, part II Abstract   PDF (149,09 KB)
Paraskevi Malliou, Stella Rokka, Georgios Tsiganos, Savvas Mavromoustakos, Georgios Godolias
Vol 12, No 4 Default and individual comparison of physiological responses and time-motion analysis in male and female soccer players during small-sided games Abstract   PDF (237,5 kB)
Zbigniew Jastrzębski, Łukasz Radzimiński
Vol 9, No 1 Design and validation of an observational instrument to assess the technical execution in top-rope climbing Abstract   PDF (573,64 KB)
Elena Hernández Hernández, Pablo Caballero Blanco, Alejandro Gómez Rodríguez, Jesus Morenas Martín
Vol 9, No 4 Designing a multilingual dictionary of genetic terms (English, French, German and Spanish) for the European Portal Eurogene and the International Scientific Community Abstract   PDF (1,12 MB)
Carmen Cuéllar Lázaro, Ana María Mallo Lapuerta, Alfredo Córdoba Martínez
Vol 12, No 2 Detection of behavioural patterns in Olympic male taekwondo athletes Abstract   PDF (272,59 kB)
Cristina Menescardi, Isaac Estevan
Vol 12, No 1 Determination of the best recovery based on muscles synergy patterns and lactic acid Abstract   PDF (822,12 kB)
Armin Hakak Moghaddam Torbati, Leila Abbasnezhad, Ehsan Tahami
Vol 9, No 4 Determination of the home advantage in handball Olympic Games and European Championships Abstract   PDF (1,02 MB)
Óscar Gutiérrez Aguilar, Juan José Fernández Romero, Miguel Saavedra García
Vol 9, No 4 Development and initial validation of an instrument measuring athletes’ volition Abstract   PDF (211,76 KB)
Miltiadis Proios, Ioannis Proios
Vol 9, No 3 Development of the Basketball Exercise Simulation Test: A match-specific basketball fitness test Abstract   PDF (3,97 MB)
Aaron T Scanlan, Ben J Dascombe, Peter RJ Reaburn
Vol 12, No 2 Differences in movement behaviour between successful and less successful goalkeepers in the interception of corner kicks Abstract   PDF (234,31 kB)
Jorge Abellán, Nieves María Sáez-Gallego, Sara Vila-Maldonado, Onofre Contreras
Vol 10, No 2 Differences in the performance tests of the fast and slow stretch and shortening cycle among professional, amateur and elite youth soccer players Abstract   PDF (153,43 KB)
Michael Keiner, Andre Sander, Klaus Wirth, Hagen Hartmann
Vol 12, No 2 Differences in the success of the attack between outside and opposite hitters in high level men’s volleyball Abstract   PDF (180,47 kB)
Antonio Millán-Sánchez, Juan Carlos Morante Rábago, Aurelio Ureña Espa
Vol 7, No 1 Differences of functional fitness in adults after 9 months of combined exercise training program Abstract   PDF (258,09 KB)
Mar Cepero, Daniel Romero-Sánchez, F. Javier Rojas-Ruiz, Juan Carlos de la Cruz-Márquez
Vol 12, No 2 Difficult group goal improves serve reception of experienced volleyball players Abstract   PDF (309,55 kB)
Leandro Nogueira Dutra, Rodolfo Novellino Benda, Guilherme Menezes Lage, Herbert Ugrinowitsch
Vol 7, No 4 Discrepancies in fighting strategies between Taekwondo medalists and non-medalists Abstract   PDF (223,07 KB)
Heather Hei Man Kwok
Vol 6, No 3 Discriminant analysis of the speciality of elite cyclists Abstract   PDF (289,69 KB)
Ana B. Peinado, Pedro J. Benito, Víctor Díaz, Coral González, Augusto G. Zapico, María Álvarez, Nicola Maffulli, Francisco J. Calderón
Vol 6, No 1 Distance as a control parameter for place kicking Abstract   PDF ( 286,35 KB)
Kristi Kay Mally, Rebecca A. Battista, Mary Ann Roberton
Vol 6, No 1 Does a 24-hour ultra-swim lead to dehydration? Abstract   PDF (252,09 KB)
Beat Knechtle, Patrizia Knechtle, Götz Kohler, Thomas Rosemann
Vol 5, No 1 Does a multi-stage ultra-endurance run cause de- or hyper hydration? Abstract   PDF (425,26 KB)
Beat Knechtle, Konstantin Kiouplidis, Patrizia Knechtle, Götz Kohler, Reinhard Imoberdorf, Peter Ballmer
Vol 10, No 1 Does self-confidence link to motivation? A atudy in field hockey athletes Abstract   PDF (233,32 KB)
İhsan Sarı, Sümmani Ekici, Fikret Soyer, Ersin Eskiler
Vol 9, No 1 Does the experience influence the efficacy of football coach? A perspective from coaches with different levels of experience as player and as coach Abstract   PDF (209,09 KB)
Daniel Silva Duarte, Júlio Garganta, António Fonseca
Vol 5, No 3 Domains in the practice of the football learning: comparative study among football athletes of junior category in Portugal and Brazil Abstract   PDF (243,05 KB)
Marcelo Koslowsky, Manuel Ferreira da Conceição Botelho
Vol 13, No 1 Doping Control Laboratory performance during Rio 2016 Olympic Games: An inside professional overview Abstract   PDF (119,37 kB)
Vinícius F Sardela, Monica Costa Padilha, Henrique Marcelo Gualberto Pereira
Vol 7, No 1 Dynamic exercise versus tag game warm up: The acute effect on agility and vertical jump in children Abstract   PDF (197,02 KB)
Diogo Henrique Constantino-Coledam, Ana Carolina Paludo, Arli Ramos de Oliveira, Júlio Wilson dos-Santos
Vol 12, No 4 Dynamic stretching is effective as static stretching at increasing flexibility Abstract   PDF (508,5 kB)
John M. Coons, Colleen E. Gould, Jwa K Kim, Richard S. Farley, Jennifer L. Caputo
Vol 1, No 1 Education for diversity from the physical education area: Sensitivity games Abstract   PDF (112,25 kB)
Concepción Suárez Llorca, José Antonio Pérez Turpin
Vol 6, No 2 Effect of a combined program of physical activity and intellectual activity in the cognitive functioning of the elderly Abstract   PDF (219,06 KB)
Aurora Martínez Vidal, Aurora Prada Martinez, Maria Del Pino Diaz Pereira, Maria Jose Martínez-Patiño
Vol 5, No 3 Effect of intense muscular activity on motor potentials under magnetic stimulation of brain and spinal cord Abstract   PDF (465,44 KB)
Roman Fomin, Vitaly Sergeev, Kristina Nesterik, Vladimir Kosminin
Vol 12, No 3 Effect of muscle strength at different intensities on resting energy expenditure Abstract   PDF (571,15 kB)
Paola Barboza González, Luis Javier Chirosa Ríos, David Ulloa Díaz, Ignacio Chirosa Ríos, Sergio Fuentealba Urra, Francisco Guede Rojas, Sebastián Mardones Herrera, Esteban Rebolledo Torres
Vol 10, No 1 Effect of plyometric training on athletic performance in preadolescent soccer players Abstract   PDF (582,84 KB)
Yiannis Michailidis
Vol 9, No 1 Effect of plyometric training on sand versus grass on muscle soreness and selected sport-specific performance variables in hockey players Abstract   PDF (205,19 KB)
Amrinder Singh, Gaur Sakshi, Sandhu Jaspal Singh
Vol 12, No 1 Effect of strength-to-weight ratio on the time taken to perform a sled-towing exercise Abstract   PDF (512,77 kB)
María Asunción Martínez-Valencia, Nicholas P. Linthorne, José M. González-Ravé, Pedro E. Alcaraz, Fernando Navarro Valdivielso
Vol 7, No 1 Effect of training on anthropometric, physiological and biochemical variables of U-19 volleyball players Abstract   PDF (233,91 KB)
Indranil Manna, Gulshan Lal Khanna, Prakash Chandra Dhara
Vol 12, No 1 Effects of a 12-week-long program of vigorous-intensity physical activity on the body composition of 10-and 11-year-old children Abstract   PDF (298,55 kB)
Guillermo Felipe López Sánchez, Arturo Díaz-Suárez, Łukasz Radzimiński, Zbigniew Jastrzębski
Vol 4, No 2 Effects of a carbohydrate and a carbohydrate and casein protein beverages on recovery and performance of endurance cycling capacity Abstract   PDF (141,63 kB)
Mar Cepero, F J Rojas, A Geerlings, J C de la Cruz, S Romero, J J Boza
Vol 12, No 4 Effects of a high-intensity interval training protocol based on functional exercises on performance and body composition in handball female players Abstract   PDF (670,47 kB)
Diego Alonso-Fernández, Fabio Lima-Correa, Águeda Gutierrez-Sánchez, Olaia Abadía-García de Vicuña
Vol 6, No 3 Effects of a soccer training session fatigue on balance ability Abstract   PDF (255,52 KB)
Asimenia F Gioftsidou, Paraskevi Malliou, George Pafis, Anastasia Beneka, George Godolias
Vol 10, No 1 Effects of a training program to enhance autonomy supportive behaviors among youth soccer coaches Abstract   PDF (230,09 kB)
Jody Langdon, Robert Schlote, Brandonn Harris, Glenn Burdette, Sara Rothberger
Vol 8, No 4 Effects of adaptogen supplementation on sport performance: A recent review of published studies Abstract   PDF (481,74 KB)
Alvaro Molinos Domene
Vol 6, No 4 Effects of combined electrostimulation and plyometric training on vertical jump and speed tests Abstract   PDF (907,24 KB)
Elisa Benito-Martínez, Amador J. Lara-Sánchez, Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno, Emilio J. artínez-López
Vol 7, No 2 Effects of dry-land strength training on swimming performance: A brief review Abstract   PDF (224,73 KB)
Pedro G Morouço, Daniel Almeida Marinho, Nuno Miguel Amaro, José Antonio Pérez-Turpin, Mário Cardoso Marques
Vol 7, No 4 Effects of interval time between high-intensity intermittent aerobic exercise on strength performance: Analysis in individuals with different training background Abstract   PDF (253,88 KB)
Valeria Leme Gonçalves Panissa, Ursula Ferreira Julio, Claudio Pinto e Silva, Leonardo Vidal Andreato, Felipe Hardt, Emerson Franchini
Vol 11, No 3 Effects of obesity on perception of ability and perception of body image in Portuguese children and adolescents Abstract   PDF ( 448,07 kB)
Miguel Peralta, Adilson Marques, João Martins, Hugo Sarmento, Francisco Carreiro da Costa
Vol 8, No 3 Effects of randomization versus pre-orientation of subjects for the prediction of maximum oxygen uptake using the twelve minutes run test Abstract   PDF (188,15 KB)
Peguy Assomo, Samuel Mandengue, Wiliam Guessogo, Adalbert Nguimouth, Abdou Temfemo, Serge Etoundi-Ngoa
Vol 8, No 2 Effects of static stretching following a dynamic warm-up on speed, agility and power Abstract   PDF (1,15 MB)
Daniel Craig Bishop, Geoff Middleton
Vol 11, No 1 Effects of swim training on energetic and performance in women masters’ swimmers Abstract   PDF (288,82 KB)
Maria I Ferreira, Tiago M Barbosa, Mario J Costa, Henrique P Neiva, José Vilaça, Daniel A Marinho
Vol 10, No 1 Effects of the exercise in the cerebral blood flow and metabolism: A review Abstract   PDF (219,71 KB)
Ángel Gabriel Lucas-Cuevas, Jose Ignacio Priego Quesada, Pedro Pérez-Soriano, Salvador Llana-Belloch
Vol 5, No 2 Effects of very short rest periods on immunoglobulin a and cortisol responses to resistance exercise in men Abstract   PDF (289,33 KB)
Rahman Rahimi, Mohammad Ghaderi, Bahman Mirzaei, Saeed Ghaeni, Hassan Faraji, Daryoush Sheikholeslami Vatani, Farhad Rahmani-Nia
Vol 12, No 2 Electromyographic and kinetic comparison of a flexible and steel barbell Abstract   PDF (180,96 kB)
Randolph Edward Hutchison, Anthony Caterisano
Vol 8, No 3 Elite portuguese soccer players’ use of psychological techniques: Where, when and why Abstract   PDF (785,37 KB)
Simão Pedro Fernandes de Freitas, Cláudia Salomé Lima Dias, António Manuel Ferreira Leal Mendoça da Fonseca
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Elite triathlete performance related to age Abstract   PDF (584,73 KB)
Carlos Villaroel, Rigoberto Mora, Gilberto C. González Parra
Vol 13, No 1 Emotions and the sustainability of community sport organizations Abstract   PDF (220,61 kB)
Jesus Rodriguez-Pomeda, Fernando Casani, Leyla Angélica Sandoval Hamón
Vol 9, No 1 Energy requirements in top-level danceSport athletes Abstract   PDF (1,25 MB)
Andrea Zanchini, Marco Malaguti
Vol 12, No 1 Enhancement of power in the concentric phase of the squat and jump: Between-athlete differences and sport-specific patterns Abstract   PDF (306,14 kB)
Erika Zemková, Tomáš Vilman, Alena Cepková, Marián Uvaček, Peter Olej, Jaromír Šimonek
Vol 7, No 2 Epidemiology of school fractures: a 1-year experience in Greek facilitation classes Abstract   PDF (230,45 KB)
Anastasios Tyflidis, George Kipreos, Alexandra Tripolitsioti, Apostolos Stergioulas
Vol 6, No 1 Erratum Abstract
J. Hum. Sport Exerc. Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 307-321, 2010
Vol 8, No 4 Estimation of maximum oxygen uptake by evaluating cooper 12-min run test in female students of West Bengal, India Abstract   PDF (143,12 KB)
Banibrata Das
Vol 12, No 4 Estimation of specific VO2max for elderly in cycle ergometer Abstract   PDF (246,81 kB)
Rodolfo de Alkmim Moreira Nunes, Juliana Brandão Pinto de Castro, Leandro de Lima e Silva, Jurandir Baptista da Silva, Erik Salum de Godoy, Vicente Pinheiro Lima, Gabriela Rezende de Oliveira Venturini, Flávio Boechat de Oliveira, Rodrigo Gomes de Souza Vale
Vol 12, No 1 Evaluation of a test module to measure relevant components of ball release height in jump throws in team handball Abstract   PDF (948,37 kB)
Jörg M. Jäger, Sascha Gail, Hermann Müller
Vol 13, No 1 Evaluation of effective demographic variables in competition performances of Turkish wrestling referees Abstract   PDF (296,03 kB)
Ozkan Isik, Huseyin Gumus
Vol 5, No 3 Evaluation of equations for measuring eGFR based on serum creatinine and 6 cystatin C values in top level rugby players Abstract   PDF (239,79 KB)
Giuseppe Banfi, Gianluca Melegati, Gianvico Melzi d’Eril, Alessandra Barassi
Vol 12, No 2 Evaluation of isometric force production in L-sit cross in still rings among elite male artistic gymnasts Abstract   PDF (604,64 kB)
Benjamin Bango, Archit Navandar, Ignacio Grande, Manuel Sillero-Quintana
Vol 8, No 4 Evaluation of movement and physiological demands of full-back and center-back soccer players using global positioning systems Abstract   PDF (590,91 KB)
Alvaro Molinos Domene
Vol 12, No 4 Evaluation of young elite soccer players food intake on match day and highest training load days Abstract   PDF (454,2 kB)
Diana Silvério Granja, Ricardo Cotovio, Ricardo Pinto, Rute Borrego, Lino Mendes, Elizabete Carolino, Paula Macedo, Diogo Ferreira, Carlos Caetano, Bruno Mendes
Vol 5, No 2 Examination of parental involvement in Greek female athletes Abstract   PDF ( 379,05 KB)
Evgenia Giannitsopoulou, Evdoxia Kosmidou, Vasiliki Zisi
Vol 10, No 2 Examining the effects of a variation to the ruck law in Rugby Union Abstract   PDF (472,42 KB)
Kirsten Spencer, Hannah Brady
Vol 11, No 3 Exercise and lifestyle predictors of resting heart rate in healthy young adults Abstract   PDF (310,53 kB)
Paul Nealen
Vol 8, No 3 Exercise performance and neuromuscular activity at a fixed level of RPE following manipulation of peripheral physiological status Abstract   PDF (233,27 KB)
Sarah Browne, Andrew Renfree
Vol 12, No 1 Exercise training programs and detraining in older women Abstract   PDF (291,01 kB)
Rafael Oliveira, Carlos Santa-Marinha, Rafael Leão, Diogo Monteiro, Teresa Bento, Rita Santos Rocha, João Paulo Brito
Vol 13, No 1 Experimental analysis of a protocol for teaching simple temporary numerical inequality in U14 water polo players Abstract   PDF (232,38 kB)
Francisco Manuel Argudo Iturriaga, Pablo José Borges-Hernández, Encarnación Ruiz-Lara, Jaime Prieto Bermejo
Vol 5, No 3 Expertise development in sport: contributions under cognitive psychology perspective Abstract   PDF (301,76 KB)
Damián Iglesias Gallego, Luis García González, Tomás García Calvo, Benito León del Barco, Fernando del Villar Álvarez
Vol 5, No 3 Expert-novice differences in procedural knowledge in young soccer players from local to international level Abstract   PDF (198,3 KB)
Luis Miguel García López, David Gutiérrez Díaz del Campo, Jorge Abellán Hernández, Sixto González, Louisa A. Webb
Vol 8, No 4 Exploring scientific legitimacy of orthorexia nervosa: A newly emerging eating disorder Abstract   PDF (169,81 KB)
Biswajit Chaki, Sangita Pal, Amit Bandyopadhyay
Vol 7, No 3 Factors influencing the choice of a university degree: The case of recreation, parks and tourism administration studies Abstract   PDF (418,44 KB)
Marcos J. Iglesias-Martinez, María Ángeles Martinez-Ruiz, Juan Tortosa-Martinez
Vol 5, No 3 Fatigue level after maximal exercise test (laboratory and road) in cyclists Abstract   PDF (229,42 KB)
Alfredo Córdova Martínez, Julián Sainz, Manuel Cuervas-Mons, Josep A Tur, Antoni Pons
Vol 6, No 1 Fitness test profiles in children aged 8-12 years old in Granada (Spain) Abstract   PDF (201,13 KB)
Mar Cepero, Ricardo López, Concepción Suárez-Llorca, Eliseo Andreu-Cabrera, Francisco Javier Rojas
Vol 12, No 4 Fitness – aerobic training of 15 – 17 years´ age girl students, who have significant risk of deviations in backbone functional state Abstract   PDF (244,38 kB)
Irina Kriventsova, Sviatoslava Pashkevych, Sergii Iermakov, Pavol Bartík, Jiri Michal, Mykola Nosko, Tetiana Yermakova
Vol 13, No 1 From Russia, with tactic? Abstract   PDF (118,86 kB)
Carlos Elvira Aranda, Luis María Campos
Vol 3, No 2 From studies on the thrust in swimming Abstract   PDF (335,49 kB)
Przemyslaw Lutomski, Tomasz Stankowski, Konarski Jan, Krzysztof Pietrusik, Adam Ciereszko, Ryszard Strzelczyk
Vol 6, No 3 Functional aspects of competitive tennis Abstract   PDF (234,21 KB)
Gema Torres-Luque, Alejandro Sánchez-Pay, María Jesús Bazaco, Manuel Moya
Vol 6, No 4 Game rhythm and stoppages in soccer. A case study from Spain. Abstract   PDF (230,70 KB)
José Hernández Moreno, Antonio Gómez Rijo, Ulises Castro Núñez, Antonio González Molina, Miriam Esther Quiroga Escudero, Francisco González Romero
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Gender differences in elite Olympic distance triathlon performances Abstract   PDF (385,26 KB)
Roberto Cejuela, Juan M. Cortell-Tormo, Juan J Chinchilla-Mira, José A Pérez-Turpin, José G Villa
Vol 11, No 4 Gender differences in takeoff techniques of non-elite Russian long jumpers Abstract   PDF (578,97 kB)
Oleg Nemtsev, Natalia Nemtseva, Aydamir Bguashev, Salman Elipkhanov, Irina Grekalova
Vol 13, No 1 Goal scoring in elite male football: A systematic review Abstract   PDF (239,89 kB)
José Maria Pratas, Anna Volossovitch, Ana Isabel Carita
Vol 7, No 2 God has a plan: Moral values and beliefs of Christian athletes in competitive sports Abstract   PDF (395,02 KB)
Rolf Kretschmann, Caroline Benz
Vol 7, No 4 Guest Reviewers Details   PDF
Jose Perez-Turpin, Juan M Cortell-Tormo
Vol 7, No 1 Health-related physical condition variables in university students Abstract   PDF (240,92 KB)
Diego Alonso-Fernández, Águeda Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Margarita Pino-Juste
Vol 3, No 2 Heart rate and activity profile for young female soccer players Abstract   PDF (275,35 kB)
José Carlos Barbero Álvarez, Maite Gómez López, Verónica Barbero Álvarez, Juan Granda, Carlo Castagna
Vol 3, No 1 Heart rate response to game-play in professional basketball players Abstract   PDF (136,14 kB)
Alejandro Vaquera Jiménez, I. Refoyo, José Gerardo Villa Vicente, J. Calleja, J. A. Rodríguez Marroyo, J. García López, J. Sampedro
Vol 9, No 1 Heart rate responses of referees during the 2011 Eurobasket Championship Abstract   PDF (161,38 KB)
Alejandro Vaquera, Andrew James Renfree, Gavin Thomas, Alan St Clair Gibson, Julio Calleja-Gonzalez
Vol 11, No 1 High speed cameras for motion analysis in sports science Abstract   PDF (8,67 MB)
Basilio Pueo
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Historical and tactical development of the 6:0 defence system in handball Abstract   PDF (2,04 MB)
Jose Julio Espina-Agullo, Marcelo Alejandro Jove-Tossi
Vol 5, No 1 How are quality of life and preferred values viewed by Hungarian adults? Abstract   PDF (214,06 KB)
Bognár József, Gangl Judit, Konczos Csaba, Fügedi Balázs, K. Geosits Beatrix, Agócs Attila
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement How to get an efficient swim technique in triathlon? Abstract   PDF (167,47 KB)
Antonio Cala Mejías, Roberto Cejuela
Vol 12, No 4 Impact of alternative footwear on human energy expenditure Abstract   PDF (418,16 kB)
Cody Edward Morris, Harish Chander, Samuel J Wilson, Mark Loftin, Chip Wade, John C Garner
Vol 10, No 4 Impact of short-term water exercise programs on weight, body composition, metabolic profile and quality of life of obese women Abstract   PDF (252,62 KB)
Fernanda Rodrigues Oliveira Penaforte, Renata Calhau, Gustavo R Mota, Paula G Chiarello
Vol 13, No 1 Improvement of balance in a 7-year-old child through a six-week learning programme Abstract   PDF (374,92 kB)
Julio Martín Ruiz, Denise da Vinha Ricieri, Laura Ruiz Sanchis, Raúl Santamaría Fernández
Vol 10, No 3 Improving musculoskeletal fitness and the performance enhancement of basketball skills through neuromuscular training program Abstract   PDF (539,17 KB)
Taghread Ahmed
Vol 5, No 2 In Memorian Juan Antonio Samaranch Torelló Details   PDF (139,52 KB)
José Antonio Pérez-Turpin, Juan M. Cortell-Tormo
Vol 7, No 3 Incidence injury analysis on rowers in the spanish mediterranean fixed bench championship 2012 Abstract   PDF (485,34 KB)
Alfonso Penichet Tomás, Jose Manuel Jiménez-Olmedo, Sheila Saiz-Colomina, Marcelo A Jove-Tossi, Jose A Martínez-Carbonell, Mar Silvestre-García
Vol 12, No 1 Incidence of anthropometric variables on the performance of top Optimist sailors Abstract   PDF (761,63 kB)
Antonio Palomino-Martín, Diego Quintana-Santana, Miriam Esther Quiroga-Escudero, Adelina González-Muñoz
Vol 7, No 2 Inflammatory biomarkers are unrelated to endothelial-mediated vasodilation in physically active young men Abstract   PDF (181,62 KB)
Adrian Aron, Trent Alan Hargens, Stephen Gregory Guill, William George Herbert
Vol 12, No 2 Influence and interpretation of intrinsic and extrinsic exercise motives Abstract   PDF (1,29 MB)
Andrea Ednie, Michael Stibor
Vol 10, No 1 Influence of a physical education plan on psychomotor development profiles of preschool children Abstract   PDF (741,86 KB)
Hélder J Teixeira, Cristian Abelairas-Gomez, Vìctor Arufe-Giráldez, José M Pazos-Couto, Roberto Barcala-Furelos
Vol 5, No 2 Influence of ingesting casein protein and whey protein carbohydrate beverages on recovery and performance of an endurance cycling test Abstract   PDF (409,12 KB)
Mar Cepero, R Padial, Francisco J. Rojas, A Geerlings, J C De la Cruz, J J Boza
Vol 13, No 1 Influence of self–regulation psychological and physical means on aged people´s functional state Abstract   PDF (405,18 kB)
Zhanneta Kozina, Sergii Iermakov, Pavol Bartík, Tetiana Yermakova, Jiři Michal
Vol 10, No 3 Influence of sociological aspects on the level of physical activity in physical education students Abstract   PDF (265,22 KB)
Samuel Honório, Júlio Martins, Bruno Torres, João Cardoso, Aldo M Costa
Vol 10, No 3 Influence of the physical and psychological variables on physical injuries in football Abstract   PDF (174,71 KB)
Rubén Fernández García, Félix Zurita Ortega, Mar Cepero González, Vladimir Aureliano Molina García, José María Vilches Aznar, Julio Ambris Sandoval
Vol 5, No 3 Influence of three accuracy levels of knowledge of results on motor skill acquisition Abstract   PDF (261,71 KB)
Francisco Javier Núñez Sánchez, Javier Gálvez González
Vol 5, No 1 Infringements of the laws of the game and youth soccer categories: A descriptive study Abstract   PDF (200,78 KB)
Aurelio Olmedilla Zafra, Enrique Ortega, Manuel Ato, Francisco J. Lozano, Enrique Garcés de los Fayos, Franciso J. Ortín
Vol 10, No 4 Initial body composition and sex affects to the velocity of body weight loss: A PRONAF study Abstract   PDF (1,16 MB)
Miguel Angel Rojo-Tirado, Pedro J Benito Peinado, Ana B Peinado Lozano, Javier Butragueño Revenga, Francisco Javier Calderón Montero
Vol 10, No 4 Injuries and pathologies in beach volleyball players: A systematic review Abstract   PDF (200,99 kB)
José Manuel Jiménez-Olmedo, Alfonso Penichet-Tomás
Vol 12, No 3 Injuries in elite athletes of beach handball Abstract   PDF (183,67 kB)
Dimitrios Hatzimanouil, Efthymios Papasoulis, Ioannis Terzidis, Angelos Kanioglou, Angeliki Mavropoulou, Kostas Natsis
Vol 2, No 2 Instrumentation in sports biomechanics Abstract   PDF (990,8 kB)
Pedro Pérez Soriano, Salvador Llana Belloch
Vol 12, No 2 Interaction of physical activity and quality of life of teachers at primary schools and kindergartens Abstract   PDF (315,42 kB)
Jaroslav Broďáni, Ľubomír Paška, Svetlana Lipárová
Vol 6, No 4 International resistance training recommendations for older adults: Implications for the promotion of healthy aging in Spain Abstract   PDF (210,69 KB)
Vicente Romo, Andiara Schwingel, Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko
Vol 6, No 2 Interview - The thinking of J. A. Samaranch i Torrelló Abstract   PDF (113,57 KB)
María J. Martínez-Patiño, José Antonio Pérez Turpin
Vol 9, No 1 Intra-session stability of short-term heart rate variability measurement: Gender and total spectral power influence Abstract   PDF (273 KB)
Lukas Cipryan, Martina Litschmannova
Vol 11, No 4 Kinematic and physiological analysis of the performance of the football referee and its relationship with decision making Abstract   PDF (1,17 MB)
Carlos David Gómez Carmona, José Pino Ortega
Vol 4, No 1 Kinematics analysis of selected rhytmic gymnastic leaps Abstract   PDF (236,42 kB)
Antonio Cicchella
Vol 4, No 2 Kinetic energy transfer during the tennis serve Abstract   PDF (247,07 kB)
Cristina López de Subijana, E. Navarro
Vol 9, No 1 Laboratory-based tests for swimmers: Methodology, reliability, considerations and relationship with front-crawl performance Abstract   PDF (268,1 KB)
Athanasios A. Dalamitros, Vassiliki Manou, Jailton G. Pelarigo
Vol 10, No 4 Learning styles of elite and sub-elite athletes Abstract   PDF (178,69 KB)
Andrea Jane Braakhuis
Vol 7, No 2 Learning tennis skill through game play and stay in elementary pupilsls Abstract   PDF (430,19 KB)
Eleni Zetou, Vasilis Koronas, Ioannis Athanailidis, Panagiotis Koussis
Vol 8, No 2 Levels of physical activity in Spanish adolescents (aged 12 to 14) measured by accelerometry Abstract   PDF (190,37 KB)
Elena Ramirez Rico, Emilia Fernández García, Julia Blández Ángel
Vol 7, No 1 Lifetime adherence to physical activity recommendations and fall occurrence in community-dwelling older adults: A retrospective cohort study Abstract   PDF (242,43 KB)
Rachel Lindsey Wright, Paul Robinson, Derek Peters
Vol 12, No 3 Lipid profile, cardiorespiratory function and quality of life of postmenopausal women improves with aerobic exercise Abstract   PDF (469,09 kB)
Lady Gwendoline Akwa, Monday Omoniyi Moses, Abigael Omowumi Emikpe, Biggie Baffour-Awuah, Benjamin Asamoah, Otchere Addai-Mensah, Max Annani-Akollor, Francis Osei, Eric Junior Appiah
Vol 6, No 1 Lipocalin-2: Response to a short-term treadmill protocol in obese and normal-weight men Abstract   PDF (193 KB)
Arsalan Damirchi, Farhad Rahmani-Nia, Javad Mehrabani
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Long distance triathlon: Demands, preparation and performance Abstract   PDF (731,34 KB)
Paul B. Laursen
Vol 9, No 3 Long term effects of doping in sporting records: 1886-2012 Abstract   PDF (1,42 MB)
Aaron Hermann, Maciej Henneberg
Vol 9, No 2 Longitudinal study of physical fitness levels, BMI and childhood obesity in school context Abstract   PDF (204,14 KB)
Julio Martis, Samuel Honório, Aldo M. Costa, Marco Batista, João Cardoso
Vol 10, No 1 Management of metabolic resources for a 20-km cycling time-trial using different types of pacing Abstract   PDF ( 235,68 KB)
Dineshen Chuckravanen, Sujan Rajbhandari
Vol 12, No 4 Masculine, feminine and neutral sports: Extracurricular sport modalities in practice Abstract   PDF (345,99 kB)
Myriam Alvariñas-Villaverde, Cristina López-Villar, María A. Fernández-Villarino, Ramón Alvarez-Esteban
Vol 6, No 1 Maximal fat oxidation at the different exercise intensity in obese and normal weight men in the morning and evening Abstract   PDF (395,78 KB)
Hamid Mohebbi, Mohammad Azizi
Vol 12, No 2 Maximal heart rate differs between laboratory and field conditions among female athletes Abstract   PDF (266,11 kB)
Carol Coutinho, Andrew Watson, Stacey Brickson, Jennifer Sanfilippo
Vol 8, No 2 Maximal oxygen consumption in national elite triathletes that train in high altitude Abstract   PDF (184,79 KB)
Gilberto Gonzalez-Parra, Rigoberto Mora, Bernhard Hoeger
Vol 10, No 4 Measurement of changes in the oxygenation of quadriceps muscles during the voluntary and involuntary fatigue test in normal healthy sedentary subjects Abstract   PDF (437,8 KB)
Amir Ur Rehman, Muhammad A Siddiqui, Haider Darain
Vol 9, No 4 Mechanical spring technology improves running economy in endurance runners Abstract   PDF (389,31 KB)
Kenneth James Riess
Vol 12, No 1 Medium-sided games in soccer: Physical and heart rate demands throughout successive working periods Abstract   PDF (443,73 kB)
Miguel Ángel Campos Vázquez, David Casamichana Gómez, Luis Suárez Arrones, José Antonio González Jurado, Francisco Javier Toscano Bendala, Juan Antonio León Prados
Vol 4, No 2 Mental reproduction of a dance choreography and its effects on physiological fatigue in dancers Abstract   PDF (161,53 kB)
Anita Hökelmann, Peter Blaser
Vol 11, No 3 Mental toughness and coping dkills in male sprinters Abstract   PDF ( 275,04 kB)
Tanielle S Beckford, Melanie Poudevigne, Rachael Irving, Kerith Golden
Vol 12, No 3 Metabolic biomarkers following a short and long bout of high-intensity functional training in recreationally trained men Abstract   PDF (387,33 kB)
Brian Kliszczewicz, Robert Buresh, Emily Bechke, Cassie Williamson
Vol 12, No 4 Metabolic profile of a crossfit training bout Abstract   PDF (402,71 kB)
Kurt Anthony Escobar, Jacobo Morales, Trisha Ann VanDusseldorp
Vol 6, No 2 Mild chronic whole body vibration does not affect bone mineral mass or density in young females Abstract   PDF (170,10 KB)
Chiara Milanese, Francesco Piscitelli, Corinna Simoni, carlo zancanaro
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Moneyball and soccer: An analysis of the key performance indicators of elite male soccer players by position Abstract   PDF (237,67 KB)
Mike Hughes, Tim Caudrelier, Nic James, Ian Donnelly, Anthony Kirkbride, Christophe Duschesne
Vol 7, No 4 Motivational factors related to female participation in collegiate sports Abstract   PDF (305,19 KB)
Laura Abril Pacheco, Francisco Soto Mas, Arturo Olivarez, Magdalena Avila
Vol 7, No 4 Multiple sets resistance training: Effects of condensed versus circuit models on muscular strength, endurance and body composition Abstract   PDF (266,41 KB)
Hamid Arazi, Abbas Asadi
Vol 12, No 1 Muscle contractile properties on different sport surfaces using tensiomyography Abstract   PDF (541,22 kB)
Esther Ubago-Guisado, Sergio Rodríguez-Cañamero, Jorge López-Fernández, Enrique Colino, Javier Sánchez-Sánchez, Leonor Gallardo
Vol 10, No 3 Muscular performance adaptations to short-term plyometric training on sand: Influence of interday rest Abstract   PDF (486,76 KB)
Abbas Asadi
Vol 11, No 3 Network structure and centralization tendencies in professional football teams from Spanish La Liga and English Premier Leagues Abstract   PDF (736,93 kB)
Filipe Manuel Clemente, Fábio José, Nuno Oliveira, Fernando Manuel Lourenço Martins, Rui Sousa Mendes, António José Figueiredo, Del P Wong, Dimitris Kalamaras
Vol 5, No 3 New threats of genetic research in sport Abstract   PDF (144,12 KB)
Pawel Cieszczyk, Agnieszka Maciejewska, Marek Sawczuk
Vol 13, No 1 New trends in biological aids to recovery after exercise: Immunomodulators Abstract   PDF (247,64 kB)
Alfredo Córdova Martínez, Diego Fernández-Lázaro
Vol 6, No 1 No association of skin-fold thicknesses and training with race performance in male ultra-endurance runners in a 24-hour run Abstract   PDF (283,24 KB)
Beat Knechtle, Patrizia Knechtle, Thomas Rosemann
Vol 12, No 2 Obesity and physical activity patterns among Balearic Islands children and adolescents: A cross-sectional study Abstract   PDF (497,93 kB)
Adrià Muntaner-Mas, Josep Vidal-Conti, Jaume Cantallops, Pere Antoni Borràs, Pere Palou
Vol 8, No 4 Offensive and defensive team performance: Relation to successful and unsuccessful participation in the 2010 Soccer World Cup Abstract   PDF (301,51 KB)
Juan Luis Delgado-Bordonau, Carlos Domenech-Monforte, Jose Francisco Guzmán, Alberto Mendez-Villanueva
Vol 7, No 3 Offensive zones in beach volleyball: Differences by gender Abstract   PDF (241,54 KB)
Juan J Chinchilla-Mira, Jose A Pérez-Turpin, Jose A Martínez-Carbonell, Marcelo A Jove-Tossi
Vol 5, No 1 Olympic Movement and sports research phenomenon: A new Olympic Section Abstract   PDF (137,92 KB)
José Antonio Pérez Turpin, Concepción Suárez-Llorca
Vol 5, No 1 Olympic values: The end does not justify the means Abstract   PDF (175,27 KB)
Eliseo Andreu Cabrera
Vol 8, No 2 Opinions about judo athletes' image Abstract   PDF (266,99 KB)
George Zaggelidis, Fotios Mavrovouniotis, Eirini Argyriadou, Manuela-Mihaela Ciucurel
Vol 4, No 1 Optimization of swimming performance in triathlon Details   PDF (33,63 kB)
Gilberto C. González Parra, M. Díaz Rodríguez
Vol 8, No 4 Padel: A quantitative study of the shots and movements in the high-performance Abstract   PDF (1,03 MB)
Jose Ignacio Priego Quesada, José Olaso Melis, Salvador Llana Belloch, Pedro Pérez Soriano, Juan Carlos González García, Mercedes Sanchís Almenara
Vol 8, No 3 Parental attitudes towards extracurricular physical and sports activity in school-age children Abstract   PDF (352,43 KB)
Vicens Hernández-González, Joaquin Reverter, Daniel Montero, Carme Jové, Jordi Coiduras
Vol 9, No 2 Participation and performance trends in 161km ultra-marathons in terms of nationality: A retrospective data analysis of worldwide participation from 1998-2011 Abstract   PDF (1,15 MB)
Daniel Gerosa, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Thomas Rosemann, Beat Knechtle
Vol 8, No 4 Participation and performance trends in 6-hour ultra-marathoners: A retrospective data analysis of worldwide participation from 1991-2010 Abstract   PDF (1,02 MB)
Luca Ehrensperger, Beat Knechtle, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Thomas Rosemann
Vol 12, No 2 Pedagogical conditions necessary for effective speed-strength training of young football players (15-17 years old) Abstract   PDF (164,28 kB)
Alexander Bolotin, Vladislav Bakayev
Vol 13, No 1 Pedagogical practice for development of coordination potential of MMA fighters and estimation of its efficiency Abstract   PDF (509,44 kB)
Alexander Bolotin, Vladislav Bakayev
Vol 13, No 1 Perceived violence, sociomoral attitudes and behaviours in school contexts Abstract   PDF (245,2 kB)
Alberto Gómez Mármol, Bernardino Javier Sánchez-Alcaraz Martínez, Alfonso Valero Valenzuela, Ernesto De la Cruz Sánchez
Vol 8, No 2 Performance Analysis WORKSHOP, April 2nd - 5th, 2013 - Alicante, Spain Abstract   PDF (1,97 MB)
Journal of Human Sport & Exercise, Sport Health, International Network of Sport and Health Science, SportProfNet (Worldwide Community in Sport Science), Varioo Collector
Vol 7, No 1 Performance assessment in elite football players: field level test versus spiroergometry Abstract   PDF (196,72 KB)
Holger Broich, Billy Sperlich, Sebastian Buitrago, Sebastian Mathes, Joachim Mester
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Performance differences between winning and losing basketball teams during close, balanced and unbalanced quarters Abstract   PDF (286,71 KB)
Gabor Csataljay, Nic James, Mike Hughes, Henriette Dancs
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Performance indicators in rugby union Abstract   PDF (858,1 KB)
Mike Hughes, Michael David Hughes, Jason Williams, Nic James, Goran Vuckovic, Duncan Locke
Vol 8, No 4 Performance of Kenyan athletes in mountain versus flat marathon running: An example in Switzerland Abstract   PDF ( 357,37 KB)
Clemens Harm, Beat Knechtle, Christoph Alexander Rüst, Thomas Rosemann, Romuald Lepers, Vincent Onywera
Vol 6, No 2 Physical activity acting as a resource for social support among older adults in Brazil Abstract   PDF (327,17 KB)
Tânia R Bertoldo Benedetti, Andiara Schwingel, Tatiana de Lucena Torres
Vol 4, No 3 Physical activity for attention to diversity Details   PDF (40,94 kB)
Concepción Suárez Llorca
Vol 10, No 2 Physical and physiological attributes of soccer goalkeepers: Should we rely only on means and standard deviations? Abstract   PDF (363,55 KB)
Pantelis Nikolaidis, Gal Ziv, Michal Arnon, Ronnie Lidor
Vol 11, No 1 Physical training in the environment: Origin, evolution and reinterpretation modern times Abstract   PDF (147,24 KB)
Ángel Acuña Delgado, Guillermo Acuña Gómez
Vol 12, No 2 Physiological and emotional influence on heart rate recovery after submaximal exercise Abstract   PDF (362,53 kB)
Jennifer Bunn, John Manor, Elizabeth Wells, Brooke Catanzarito, Brittany Kincer, L. Chris Eschbach
Vol 4, No 3 Physiological profile of elite triathletes: A comparison between young and professional competitors Abstract   PDF (60,75 KB)
Víctor Díaz, Augusto G Zapico, Ana B Peinado, María Álvarez, Pedro J Benito, Francisco J Calderón
Vol 6, No 2: Supplement Physiological requirements in triathlon Abstract   PDF (599,61 KB)
Grégoire P. Millet, Veronica E. Vleck, David J. Bentley
Vol 3, No 1 Physiology and methodology of intermittent resistance training for acyclic sports Abstract   PDF (1,52 MB)
Adrián Casas
Vol 11, No 3 Physiotherapy´s protocol to approach the insertional achilles tendinopathy Abstract   PDF (209,69 kB)
Elisa Benito
Vol 5, No 3 Play and childhood in ancient greece Abstract   PDF (197,18 KB)
Eliseo Andreu Cabrera, Mar Cepero, Fco. Javier Rojas, Juan J Chinchilla-Mira
Vol 5, No 1 Playing-related musculoskeletal disorders in woodwind, brass and percussion players: A review Abstract   PDF (203,54 KB)
M. Àngels Cebriá i Iranzo, Pedro Pérez-Soriano, Celedonia Igual Camacho, Salvador Llana Belloch, Juan M. Cortell-Tormo
Vol 4, No 2 Play-sport culture Abstract   PDF (104,27 kB)
Milan Hosta
Vol 11, No 4 Police officer physical fitness to work: A case for health and fitness training Abstract   PDF (321,49 kB)
Ciara Losty, Emyr Williams, Peter Gossman
Vol 13, No 1 Post resistance exercise hypotension on distinct types of somatotype characteristics Abstract   PDF (497,6 kB)
Gilmar Weber Senna, Estevão Scudese, Marzo Edir Da Silva-Grigoletto, Antonio Alias, Jordan David Fuqua, Paula Paraguassú Brandão, Estélio Henrique Martin Dantas
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Predicting performance over time using a case study in real tennis Abstract   PDF (270,01 KB)
Nic James
Vol 9, No 4 Predicting the performance of batsmen in Test Cricket Abstract   PDF (311,32 KB)
Indika Pradeep Wickramasinghe
Vol 6, No 3 Prediction of marathon performance time on the basis of training indices Abstract   PDF (304,88 KB)
Giovanni Tanda
Vol 7, No 4 Prediction of race pace in long distance running from blood lactate concentration around race pace Abstract   PDF (207,71 KB)
Iker Muñoz Perez, Diego Moreno Perez, Claudia Cardona Gonzalez, Jonathan Esteve-Lanao
Vol 7, No 3 Predictor variables of motivation on Spanish master athletes Abstract   PDF (373,97 KB)
Francisco Ruiz-Juan, Antonio Zarauz
Vol 6, No 4 Predictors of quality of life in children Abstract   PDF (191,58 KB)
Pere A Borras, Josep Vidal, Xavier Ponseti, Jaume Cantallops, Pere Palou
Vol 7, No 2: Supplement Preliminary study of coach verbal behaviour according to game actions Abstract   PDF (184,28 KB)
José Francisco Guzmán, Vicente Calpe-Gómez
Vol 9, No 1 Preliminary validation of the Italian version of the original sport motivation scale Abstract   PDF (307,67 KB)
Filippo Candela, Giulia Zucchetti, Carlo Villosio
Vol 4, No 1 Presynaptic inhibition of spinal alpha-motoneurons in athletes adapted to different muscle activity Abstract   PDF (229,41 kB)
Roman Fomin, Dina Fomina
Vol 5, No 1 Principles of the Olympic Movement Abstract   PDF (185,38 KB)
Conrado Durántez, José Pérez-Turpin, Aurora Martínez Vidal, Covadonga Mateos Padorno, Maria José Martínez Patiño, Antonio González Molina
Vol 8, No 3 Profile of dance aerobic instructors’ injuries, part I Abstract   PDF (154,07 KB)
Paraskevi Malliou, Stella Rokka, Georgios Tsiganos, Savvas Mavromoustakos, Georgios Godolias
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